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Vixen VC200L &  Televue 76 UnderOak Observatory
Morris County, New Jersey

Digital Sky Survey
Public access to professional astronomical plates (DSS) has provided a rich source of very deep monochromatic images which can be brought to life using an assortment of digital techniques such as synthesized color layering, image stitching to expand the field of view, and filtering to remove noise and dust artifacts.  The color images below were rendered by synthesizing a green layer from plates taken with red (~600 nm) and blue (~400 nm) filters and then blending the three together using the RGB color model.


  M101, M51, NGC 3628, M33,
  NGC 253, NGC 891, M63,
NGC 253,
M31, M81, M84, M94, M106
M101M51NGC 3628M33
NGC 891M63NGC 253 - Sculptor GalaxyAndromeda
M81 - Bode's GalaxyM84M94 - GalaxyM106

  IC1848, NGC1499, IC5146,
,Rosette, LDN 1622,
  NGC6992, M78
, vdB93, IC443,
  IC447, IC1318
IC 1848California NebulaCaccoon NebulaHelix Nebula
Rosette NebulaLDN 162 Dark NebulaNGC 6992M78
vdB 93 - Emission NebulaIC 443 - Jellyfish NebulaIC 447IC 1318
 Star Clusters

  Perseus Double, M45, M37, M71,
  M46NGC5897, M35, NGC7789

Double ClusterM45 - PleiadesM37 Open ClusterM71 Globular Cluster
M46 and NGC 2438NGC 5897 GCM35NGC 7789